Looking for unicyclists in Arizona.

Dear rec.sport.unicycling users, I’ve gotten so much better at unicycling, where
I’m making drastic improvements everyday. Where I hope soon I can combine my
juggling with it, because I’m already a really good juggler and combining the
two would be so cool!!! Well, anyways, because I’ve gotten so much better at
unicycling, and I don’t know anyone else around here that unicycles, I just
wanted to ask if anyone from the Phoenix area, I’m in Peoria, unicycles and
wants a fellow unicycling friend, to unicycle with. I think unicycling with
others would be alot more fun, then unicycling by yourself. I’ve tried
contacting some unicyclists on the Arizona roster on http://www.unicycling.org
(my name’s on there), but no one emailed me back, I think that roster hardly
gets any use, and this newsgroup gets more use. Thanks!!! Sincerly, Greg Loucks