Looking for unicycle style/trick demo video

It would be cool if there were a video which demonstrated all the various unicycle styles and common tricks. I know there are a lot of videos out there, but how about one comprehensive one which tells you what you are seeing?

I’m picturing something with titles identifying everything, such as “Here is muni” followed by a muni demo and then “Here is trials” followed by a trials demo, etc. Each trick demo would also be accompanied by its name.

This way, if someone is wondering “what is freestyle?” or “what is a crank flip?” they could watch this video and see what people are talking about. Newbies like myself often have no idea what people are talking about here.

Does such a video exist or if not does someone want to make one?

Here is street/street tricks.



Maybe this is what you search for.

That’s the idea.

Unfortunately, the video doesn’t work for me. :frowning:

It’s a bit hard to do all skills in one video.
But what about this?

Yes Leos collection is maybe one of the most completed collection of single skills and stuff like that. We also plan to implement a search/filter page on unicycle.tv to make it possible to filter the videos into the disciplines.
I do flash version of the Video that Lutz recomended and upload it now. Should be run in 45 minutes :slight_smile: So if you really cant see wmv or mov files you can see it anyway.
There is also the Trixionary on einradfahren.de but this is in german only.