Looking for Unicycle performer and instructor in western NC

I am having a party May 25 and I am looking for a unicycle performer and instructor to perform at the party and instruct party attenders for fee. The party is in Marshall, NC. Please contact me at pls98 at frontier.com if you are interested and have references. thanks, Hootie.

For a fee! Usually people who post such requests are hoping to get a freebie. I hope somebody is in range for this one, it sounds like fun! I would love to have offers like that around here.

Hang on, do you mean you’ll pay someone or did you forget the r in free?

Clarification: Yes For FEE, meaning I will pay for your services

No mistype: Clarification: Yes For FEE, meaning I will pay for your services. I respect your talent and time and yes, I will pay for your services so please contact me if interested. pls98 at frontier.com

If there is airfare involved I’m interested.

I’m actually an Asheville native currently living in northern california but I’ll be in NC by August. Surely, you aren’t booking that far in advance, but I teach a darn good Uni lesson if you have any gigs in September! I can also teach juggling and I have a bachelors in Theatre Education.

but SURELY there’s someone in this forum who is closer than that. I mean there’s a whole asheville MUni weekend.

Looking for unicyclist to perform in Asheville, NC May 25

I wish that some would respond but thus far no responses to making some bucks at a great party. Anyone interested? Do you know of any unicyclist people in Asheville or the surrounding area that would want to perform and teach May 25 for money? If so, send them my way. pls98@frontier.com

I’m not sure where Asheville is, but if you look on the forum’s map of riders, you may be able to find one who is nearby and perhaps send them a PM.

The map is here: http://www.unicyclist.com/forums/VBGooglemap.php

sorry Hootie I got nothing. Searching the map sounds like a good idea.

Too bad you’re not 5 hours east of Asheville, then you’d have no shortage of people.