Looking for unicycle parts for a Penny Project!

I am trying to find cheap parts for a project I am working on…a mini Penny Farthing bike. I already have a donner bike (an old 10 speed Huffy) which I am currently in the process of tearing apart and braze welding together. I got this bike for almost next to nothing price wise! Next I need to get a kids bike for the rear wheel / axle, etc. hopefully a 14 inch rear wheel.

I was going to try to make a custom unicycle like hub for the front tire using off the shelf parts from places like (Ace Hardware) that carry various bearings, and basic machine parts, mixed with an actual rear bike hub. However I have decided that this is much more difficult than I ever expected and have finally decided that using an old unicycle, and uni hub, parts is the way to go.

Basicly what I need is…

  1. One used unicycle frame.
  2. One unicycle hub with bearings. (Note: Hub must be able to hold 36 spokes so I can build a 700mm or 28 inch wheel together)
  3. One set of cranks, mabe some pedals, but I could probably get those later.

Thats it…dont need the seat, seat post or wheel rim and spokes.

If anyone out there has these parts, I will buy em from you at a decent price…Please no new parts…I am not exactly rich right now and I am trying to keep this entire project under $100 including the bike I already have, welding rods, weld gas etc.

I am sending a photo I found online of a penny farthing I am modeling mine after. Does anyone know anything about this bike?? I think its a custom job, if it isnt does anyone know who made it???





you can get all those parts by buying a really cheap unicycle off ebay, there are usually loads that would fit within your budget.

So you want a 29" frame, and a hub and crank set. I couldn’t find any on ebay (other than KH29s)

Check out the Coker wheelman.

and this thread:

Hey thanks for the info people!

That link to the wheelman thread is informative and interesting! One problem is that the Coker Wheelman cannot be shipped here to the U.S.A. only within the UK. Thats ok though cause theyre kind of expensive! However not as expensive as the ones they make here… http://www.hiwheel.com/ The (Boneshaker) starts at $799.00 Which seriously puts a dent in my wallet!..Anyway, Id rather have a mini one anyway.

To Scott (1-wheeled-grape)~ No actually I dont need a 29" uni frame cause I was planning on just using the parts at the bottom of the uni~forks that holds the bearing in place. I was gonna cut em off and re~weld em onto a regular 29" bike fork, probably cheaper that way too.

As I said I am trying to keep this little project under $100.00 partly because even although I do have an oxy/acetlene welding kit…I am by far no welding expert. I have done some odds and ends braze welding in the past, like a muffler extention on my car. Up untill around the mid 80s, most cromaly steel bikes were put together by braze welding…Some still are today!

So if this whole project goes sour, Im not out too much in cash. For me this project is what I call fun! trying to get everything to work…It isnt as easy as it might at first seem though.


P.S. I will keep looking around on ebay…However, as it stands I am still looking for parts…If anyone has some of the stuff I need, let me know!!!


I posted my 700mm Uni the other day complete with frame and other goodies. I could part the uni out and and sell you the 622 (700mm) rim laced, with hub, cranks and frame. Its a Semcycle, you can check out his site and see if what I gots, you wants…

Thanks. Ben