Looking for Trials Tire for KH20 Available in US

I have been researching trials tires for the KH20 available in the US. Unfortunately, Unicycle.com only sells the Maxxis CC and the Nimbus Blizzard.

I am interested in the Try-All Sticky tire (or any superior tire to the two mentioned above). Unfortunately, I can’t find any other suitable tires sold online to the US.

Thanks for your help. I would appreciate a link if you have one.



Is $55 the standard price for the Try-all Sticky Tire?

I am thinking about getting the Monty Eagle Claw. Which one would I get (front or rear) from this website?


Rear, but the link you posted is to the old site, and on the new site they don’t have them at all. If you want a mec you might have to buy it from udc uk or tartybikes.