Looking for trials BC wheel

Hey Im looking for a trial BC wheel. I found one some time ago on CDK.fr, but CDK has stopped they’re trading with Koxx-one so I cant buy it there :frowning:

If you know where to buy one, I really would like to know it :slight_smile:

Well you can get the K-1 BC Wheel here…
http://koxxpublic.axelor.com/all/BC-Wheels-c-91/all/ <-- I know for sure that sight ships worldwide.

Bedford Unicycles has a trials model too…

You’ll have to check if they can ship it too you and how much it’ll cost because sometimes shipping costs are rediculous. Hopefully that helped.

Thanks :smiley:

Totally forgot about K 124 house :stuck_out_tongue:

The bedford trials BC’s are really nice. I had a few chances to kick around on a few years back, and it was pretty awesome.