Looking for Touring 29er (less than $500)

Seeking a 29 inch touring unicycle for a 50 mile ride on my 50th B-day

I am in the San Francisco Bay area, California

Please let me know what you have to offer


A new one:


(The blue one is faster)


I forget but I think shipping (I live near Sacramento) runs $40 but it might be more.

Get a Schwalbe Big Apple tire (the one that comes on it is HEAVY) and for less than $500 you have nice touring uni. There is a lighter version of the Big Apple that unicycle.com does not carry. If you are going to ride 50 miles I’d treat yourself to the lighter kevlar bead version.

Do I need a Brake?

Thanks for the info! Much appreciated.

For street riding and possible commuting, should I opt for a brake?

A brake will save your legs on long downhills. It is more important when you go to a large wheel and very short cranks because you have less leverage. I do not have a brake on my 29" with 125 mm cranks, but I do have one on my 36" with 125 mm cranks. The other factor is terrain. If you have steep downhill sections on your rides then a brake can be helpful.

Initially I would not get one and see how it works out. I would try to get a unicycle that has brake mounts, because then you can add one later. One of the people on this forum sell used Magura Brakes for a modest price.


Good advice - I’ll start without a brake.

Thanks for taking the time to respond. This forum has been very useful.

Purchased a 29

Just purchased a Nimbus 29 off Craigslist, so I’m all set.

Now I need to practice…

Congrats! I’m jealous, I’ve been looking at those nimbus 29’s… but maybe I’ll be joining the 29 club soon :wink:

you cant go wrong =]
portable. good for commuting. works for long distance (5-10miles) although I just recently did a 24 mile ride with bikers. light. cheaper. fun!

Very nice uni!

I don’t have funds available at the moment, so I am trying to re-prioritize my things and sell some more stuff. I want a 29er for some commuting and for casual longer distance muni trails.