Looking for tips on an easy trick please

I’m a far cry from trials or any tricks beyond hopping right now, but something in me keeps shouting to try this move: Ride forwards, stop quickly and use the compression to do a powerful hop, spin 180 sideways, land and ride in the opposite direction. Any tips for a beginner on this? Thanks for any info.

PM Terry, hah.

Edit: err sorry. The trick your trying is a simple 180?? Try doing them hoping on the spot first then riding forwards (rolling).

Learn to ride backward is key. The 180 is easy. But the flow from the 180 to backwards is the hardest.

Just get confidence and try. And wear a helmet. Just in case.

Appreciate the advice guys.

What really helped me figure these out was some advice from a more experienced rider, “Look the direction you’re turning then let your body catch up with your head.” That’s always worked for me.

he’s not trying to ride off backwards,
chauncy has some good advice, but i would say it would be better to attempt 90 degree turns first… start just pogo type hopping, then turn a little at a time, working up to 90 degree turns… then work toward 180’s without all the little hops.
the little hops will help you balance in your turn.