Looking for the best wrist/hand protection

What is the best cheap (<$40) wrist protection for primarily road riding, but with some XC? I have a 29" Yuni, so I will have some speed. I’ve fallen off and I’d rather save myself with a little inconvenience than injure my hands.

Unicycle.com’s listing of wrist protection is here.

I was going to go for the KH Pulse gloves, but some of the other protection they have looks to reduce damage from falls more, like the Harbinger products. Which is best for road riding on a 29’er?

Well i use normal biking gloves but they dont add any real protection to my wrist so if i was u i’d go for the KH pulse gloves but thats cause when i ride i like to use full figer gloves…but i would have to say they be the best to use…

I’ve been using the Harbinger Wrist Wrap 230W http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=395 along with Iron Clad gloves. https://www.ironclad.com/www/productDetail.jsp?prodID=50&catID=25 The gloves offer general protection and the wrist wraps protect from hard impacts. What I like about having separate gloves and wrist protection, is that, if I want warmer gloves for winter riding, I can swap them out. The other thing that I like about the separates is that If the gloves get damaged, I can replace the gloves and not the whole wrist guard.
I can also have a spare set of gloves to change into incase the first set gets wet or really dirty. When they get dirty, I throw them in the washer and hang up to dry.

The 1st listed are ment for children.
The “Harbinger 230W WristWrap ® Wrist Guards” are good (as they lock your wrist; and you can not break it).
The 661 are described as “flexible”, so I doubt those.

Thanks for the input; I’m getting the “Harbinger 230W WristWrap ® Wrist Guards”, because of the protection and since I don’t believe I’ll need gloves for anything but cold weather, when I can use any set I want.