Looking for Teeter Pictures

I’m building a Uni feature at one of our local Mountain bike trails.

I’m looking for some pictures of good a Teeter Toter on one of your trials couses. Anyone got any good pictures ???

In the meantime I’ll post a couple of pictures of what we have done so far. It’s not that high, but we are old guys so we are just looking to get a few feet off the ground. We have the potential of making each leg close to 100 feet long.


:stuck_out_tongue: Is this a good see saw??? :stuck_out_tongue:

This is me on the visit to Chicksands a couple of weeks ago;
View the whole album for some more photos.

I don’t think the photos show it quite well enough, but the piviot bar is at an angle, so that when it starts to go down, it moves to the left at the same time.


This was a nice one, although you can’t see it too well in the picture - about 2.5 metres long I think. Make sure to weight it or place the pivot so it returns after riding. If you make them really long, it’s possible to ride them with two riders at once, although the front rider gets quite high. I know there are some long enough for bikes to do this and they are silly high at the top.


I’ve also seen one that you get on and it turns as it descends, leaving you facing 90 degrees to the side from where you were when you got on - I can’t remember how it worked though, some kind of cunning pivot arrangement.

There are some more pictures of structures in that album, although probably somewhat bigger than what you’re considering.

Also, I can’t remember where it was, maybe in the Alps, or maybe New Zealand, but I rode some shore built to be like a roller coaster, smooth ups and downs, and it was really nice on a muni. It is nice as well as the super skinny stuff, to have bits that flow as part of a trail too, so you can ride fast on the trail, and then cross over a bridge or a see saw or whatever, that is designed to be ridden fast. Obviously you need to build a decent bit of trail in between the structures for this to work.


if you want to make something less dramatic you can do one that starts horizontal and then drops, with the pivot close to the entrance end. A heavy weight on the entrance end will make it return. I’ve ridden one of these at chicksands (same as STM) that was in total only about 4 foot long but a very interesting challenging. Also some sneaky construction can hide the pivot, making the tip-point harder to predict.

I think this is the one you are taking about Dave.

If so, its not there anymore, they are rebuilding that particular section of the Northshore.
Photo courtesy of Norry.


yep that’s the one, the pivot is more central than i remembered. The skininess of the approach, teeter and exit make it challenging to ride even though it is small and close to the ground.

Here’s the teeter-totter on Corbin’s trials course, featured at CA MUni Weekend 2007. It’s pretty tall and a lot of people biffed hard on it.

If you want to build something a little more complex:

There are a couple of different types of teeters in this video:

Here is one that started out as a very tall teeter, but several people got hurt so the pivot point was lowered and a flat entrance with turns was added: http://www.unicyclist.com/index.php?page=gallery&g2_itemId=314403

Everyone seems to talk about big or tall teeter-totters. That’s OK of course but for beginners, here are two simple ones that I built and that are small: http://www.xs4all.nl/~klaasbil/props.htm

Here’s a picture of the toughest one I ever made it over. The teeter itself is not bad, aside from being steep and short (you almost get to the top before it tilts), but the bumps getting onto it took many, many tries.

Unfortunately, none of the stuff pictured in that album is there anymore, one of the disadvantages of building on land you don’t own…

Here is one we built for MTBs’. I rode it the other day and it was pretty easy but it was fun. It is over 14 feet long, and you can adjust the height with the pins. I’m thinking something a little shorter may be in order.

John Foss I enjoyed your othe picture in your library also. I looking for stuf to build.

Oh BTW, thanks to everyone for their input. I’m enjoying the pictures of the of the built structures/freeride type stuff.

All my trials pics:


I have some movies I need to edit of me riding a few things.

Teeter totter design in sketchup: http://picasaweb.google.com/corbin.dunn/TrialsAtCorbinSHouse/photo#5101978942009634002

A simple one in implementation:



Corbin, that’s an impressive amount of trials props you have there. And very good pictures of them too.