Looking for Surly Conundrum Opinions

I’m considering upgrading to something that will last me a while and came across this Uni: Surly Conundrum unicycle

If image doesn’t show, check it out:


I’ve been unicycling for a little over a month and have progressed to a level 2 but my current Uni (Sun 24) can’t take much more abuse. Not to mention I need something with some comfort. I’m probably a way’s off from hopping but would like to get something that could withstand my size, (160 lbs 6’ tall)when I do make it to that level.

Looking for suggestions on:

  1. Durability? (Frame and wheel)
  2. Would my size be to much for such a fat tire (3.7 inch)?
  3. How much more difficult to ride with the extra drag of such a wide tire?
  4. Am I missing any other unforseen issues with this setup?

Thanks for any comments.

Well, it depends on what kind of unicycling you do/intend to do. I’m sure you already know the the Surly unicycle is a mountain unicycle, it wouldn’t be very practical for anything other than very technical/extreme muni. It’s heavy, and the huge width tire can be hard to manuever (I’ve ridden it, once).

That said, some people would say that it is overkill for most muniing, and that normal type muni’s are more suited for mountain riding. Since you haven’t been riding very long, I really suggest that you take a look at www.unicycle.com and the large selection of unicycles/muni’s there. If your up to the price, the Kris Holm unicycles are one of the strongest, lightest unicycles availible. You really can’t go wrong with a KH.

‘Your size’ shouldn’t make any difference. The Surly is a pretty durable unicycle, but I’m not sure what hub/axle it has… anything ‘splined’ is very very durable, as is able to withstand large drops (5+ feet, etc.)

  • In case you aren’t familiar with the term, ‘muni’ is shorthand for mountain unicycling or a mountain unicycle.

The surly conundrum is a specialty unicycle for sand and snow. It is more tire than you want for most muni and is way too grippy for any street riding. I would recomend a Kris Holm Muni, freeride or XC. Also the surly conundrum tire is currently $100. You could get one and use a 26" x3" tire for muni and save the conundrum 3.7 for snow and sand if you live where it snows a lot or on the beach it would be great for you.

I’m not familiar with the Surly Conundrum myself, but I think I can answer 2 and 3. 2 is fairly easy, I’m about the same weight as you are, and the same size, and I ride a 2.5" trials setup. The 3.7" should be able to carry you with no problems, haven ridden on a 3.0" myself without ANY problems. The extra drag might pose a problem, the first two revolutions. I actually got onto my trials uni the first time without any problems, and that was after about two months after I’d learned to unicycle. As far as unforseen issues go, one might pop up when you open the box. It’s just a frame. I hope you’re technical, because building your own unicycle from bits isn’t as easy as it seems (Especially the trueing of a unicycle wheel seems hard). I realize the Surly Conundrum is a beautiful frame, but you might want to think over if you really need the frame, and the 3.7" tire. What are you going to do with all that volume? Extreme hopping? I think a 3.0" would serve just as well, and you can easily buy a complete 24" uni with a 3.0" tire off the shelf at http://www.municycle.com (Roland Wende is an amazing guy, I really recommend him) or http://www.unicycle.com

i dont think it is the unicycle for sale i think it is only the frame… but i could be wrong.

woa im comfused. Is that the whole Conundrum unicycle for $260? Or is that the frame only? I thought these uni’s weren’t going to be out untill spring at least!

Anyway Erant i would say to still look into the KH xc or freeride unicycle not this big clumsy machine.

It’s the frame only. If you build this up with top quality componets expect to have around a thousand dollars in it by the time it’s complete. It is also currently unavailable and the tire is only available in the 26", the 24" should be comming out soon.

It is only the frame and with the rim and tire it would cost over 400 dollars. It truly is a specialty uni for those that ride on LOTS of snow and sand. It would probably be pretty good for mud too.

Yes, this was one I was looking at as well. (Looking at unicycle.com site)
What’s the difference in the freeride compared to the XC? The only difference I see is the tire size.

Thanks for the advice to all.

oops i didn’t mean you erant im meant “CincyUniDay”

I’t mainly the tire size but the frame is slightly different the xc has less tire clearence and a 3" tire wont fit the XC. I would get the free ride because you could always put a smaller tire on it.

  1. The tire size on the freeride is a 3.0", the XC is a 2.6"

  2. The KH Xc has 150mm cranks, the KH Freeride has 165mm cranks

  3. The KH XC’s rim is 38mm wide and the KH freeride rim is 42.2mm wide

Thats all in differences

They really are very close to the same strength, they are both great uni’s to have for a long time.

while we’re about conumdrum unicycles does anyone know how much these tanks weigh? id be guessing 16-17.5lbs at least!

What do you’all think?


I just prefer a 3" tire and longer cranks but if the trails you are going to be riding are less steep and extreme the smaller tire and shorter cranks may suit you better.

It would depend on what hub/crank set you use but the rim and tire are suprisingly not that heavy. I think a 26" Gazzalodi weighs as much or more.

Ok, you got me there. Thats a little more than I want to spend for an upgrade.

I found the product review where Surlydave has a thread on this setup. Your right it’s not for sale yet.

You’ve almost talked me into the freeride. I’ll give it another couple weeks before the final decision. At any rate, do you think I should stay with a 24" wheel at my size, and yes this is for rough terrain.

The complete Surly Conundrum unicycle is out, I’ve seen it in the new quality bike products dealer catalog at my work, we just got the catalog four days ago. There are two models, one has the kh/onza hub and a 24/26x3inch tire and the other has the LM tire and profile hub. The catalog listed them as being $550 and $850 respectively, although I don’t believe that is the customer price.

Most people ride a 24 for muni. With a 3" Tire the outside diameter ends up almost 26", with a 26" x 3" it ends up being almost 29"

I am actualy building a muni with a 26 large marge and a 3.7 conundrum for snow riding and I plan to put a 26 x 3 on it for summer trail riding. But my main uni will still be my 24.

o yea a 24" is a good size to have for techical riding or drops and stuff. If you are just going to do mild technical stuff and more lond distance riding then you have a big selection to look at all over again. I would say just get a 24" freeride, i have one and it a beauty machine for anything

Thanks for all the advice! :slight_smile: