Looking for some Trial Unicyclist at Cambridge

I’m from France, I work now at Cambridge since 2 month and during my christmas holiday I brought my Trial Unicycle with me.
I practice since 1 year and I’m looking for other people who practice at Cambridge.
I doesn’t really know the city so let me do a visit and make me discover all the spot they are!

I know paul royal and jerryattric are from Cambridge. I haven’t seen them on here for a while though

there’s another Cambridge! Does every town in England have a clone in America or something?

possibly, there’s another Colchester in Vermont I think lol

Sadly I’m not in Cambridge any more. I’m living in London now.

There are a few riders in Cambridge. Try heading to the unicycle hockey practice on a Friday night from 6 til 7 at Cambridge Regional College

Or head down to Cambridge Community Circus on a Sunday night, it’s mostly jugglers but there are a few unicyclists - website


If that’s Cambridge, MA, I’m in Boston until Thursday the 8th.
I can’t do trials, but it’d be cool to ride around w/ some other riders.

I can do mild to moderately technical Muni. It’s not supposed to rain/snow for the rest of my stay, so maybe the trails will be clear enough for me to ride on Tuesday or Wednesday (I can’t ride in snow consistently yet), if you want to do that.


Hi guy!
Thanks for your answers, I’m on UK not on US.
Paul do you know some square or some place where I can practice in Cambridge? With some adresse I can find I think.
I’m at Cherry Hinton. And do you know if I can take the bus with my unicycle because the city center is far.

No more riders at Cambridge?
Sunny day tomorrow!!!

I’m not sure about places to practice. There’s a fair amount of space near the junction/cineworld and it’s not too far from Cherry Hinton.

Some bus drivers will let you get on the bus with a uni, some won’t. There’s no definite rule.


I´ve just returned to Cambridge myself after being away for over a year, so also keen to find out what´s happening now.

The community circus used to be pretty good sometimes if you were more into freestyle - there were some pretty good riders, not sure who´s still around. Sometimes we could get 7-8 unicyclists down and end up playing unicycle gladiators, which was always a laugh…

Good to hear the hockey is still going, that´s another option then, and probably the best way to meet other unicyclists. There also used to be a maialing list....uni-all@srcf.ucam.org, I think, but I´m not honestly sure if it still exists. Idea was people would use this to arrange practice sessions / rides / whatever, but this never really happened…(I´ve not really got into trials myself, so am hopeless ;-), but have done a fair bit of road and XC tho not as much as Paul…or others at the Community Circus!).

Happy to meet up for a practice sesh anyways, tho I don´t have anything approaching a trials uni with me (a 29er and a 26¨ schlumpf guni, 2nd-gen with reaction arm - both square-axle)!

Hi Acl!
I decided to go to newmarket yesterday and I loose my way…
I visited the airport… But finaly I found newmarket.
I enjoyed the ring hihihi.
I’m okay to visit Cambridge when we will have a sunny day.
My job start on Monday so I will be busy all the week. But for a little ride a sunny week-end I’m in!

Will be good to have another rider in Cambridge :slight_smile: although I ride solely muni, XC and road. I work in Cambridge and commute on my 36" when ever I have the chance. I’ve seen a couple of other uni riders around Cambrige including a guy with a Koxx-one trials uni.

If I see you around i’ll make sure I say Hi.

Hi Norry!
A Koxx-one Trrials uni?
Is it a fluo yellow one?
Because I’ve got one Fluo yellow, very funny!
I ride today with a friend who ran more than an hour with my 20" I’m dead.
I’ve seen some reserv natural park at CHERRY HINTON, I’ve got a trial one but I will test some freeride with it I think.
See you for a ride maybe!

weekend ride

I will ride this saturday. Maybe a cross ride to cherry hinton natural reserve or loking for some trials practice at the leisure.
Someone want to join me?


No one interested or free? :thinking: