Looking for some other riders in the Los Angeles area

Hi guys, I’m not a super experienced unicycler but I can stay on well enough. I was wondering if there were any other somewhat beginner unicyclers in the Los Angeles area who might be willing to ride a bit with me.
Thanks :slight_smile:

There are a few of us! LA is a big place – where are you located? What kind of riding are you mostly interested in? Where do you usually ride now? Are you mobile? (i.e., can you drive any distance to meet up with others?)
I’m pretty new myself, about a year now, and my riding ability is still somewhat limited, but I’m working at it. I drive to various locations to meet up with other riders.

Other info

I’m not super mobile I’m afraid so I was hoping to ride somewhere near Pico blvd because there is an easy bus system that runs all along there.
I’m interested in just general riding, maybe learning a few things from others and meeting people. I would like to do street riding I guess. Not too far though, maybe five or so miles.
I usually ride in my area (beverlywood), just around the neighborhood but it’s a very lonely experience. Do you know of any groups that currently meet somewhere near me?

I think Tim (“timoteusmunk” on the forum) lives in Santa Monica or Palms or somewhere around there. I think Terry (“MuniAddict” on the forum) lives in the south bay area. You might try PM’ing them and set something up for a ride on the Santa Monica bike path or Venice boardwalk. You could just take the bus down Santa Monica Blvd and meet them there. Just a suggestion. You could also do that by yourself, and maybe meet someone down there who rides. You never know who you will run into down there.

You could also start recruiting people in your neighborhood to ride. You never know who might be interested. During this past year that I’ve been riding at work, three other people have gotten interested and have started riding. So now we have a regular group.

Good luck!