Looking for some handle bars

Loking for a set of handlebars. Either the Numbis Shadow system or the KH. I would perfer the Nimbus and it needs to be the entire setup. I realize I can buy these at UDC, just looking to save a few dollars.

Is there a reason you aren’t considering a Coker Pi bar? If you have a bit of exposed seatpost it is the strongest handlebar I’ve seen. I like mine, and I’m on my second. Since it attaches to the post it doesn’t suffer from saddle flex at all, ever. They are $50 from Coker.

They are very adjustable. In the stock configuration they don’t have much reach adjustment; however, if you need more you can fix that with the top tube from a '70’s French bike. If you’d rather spend some money for a piece that gives you the same extension a Torker brake lever mount and a shim do the trick.

They are very adjustable. In the stock configuration they don’t have much reach adjustment. Huh!!!

The angle, and height are very adjustable, and have almost no limit. It doesn’t move once it’s tightened, and it’s very solid.

The minimal reach adjustment has more to do with how high you position it, and you can change the bar ends to longer ones.

If you feel like you need more reach than that you can make a boom out of the top tube of a bike with a 25.4 seatpost. A couple of hacksaw cuts and you’re there. The Pi Bar then attaches to the boom, and it gives you as much reach as you could want, plus it’s very stiff, and indestructible. Even if you

Here’s a vid that Terry made a while back that has the basic concept executed a little differently. I forgot about the leg rubbing thing. I’ve never experienced it, so I can’t comment really. Apparently some people have problems with their inner thighs rubbing the Pi Bar. I never could figure it out though since the width is narrower than the saddle width.

Oh, ok I gotcha. Makes sense now. Do your legs rub?

My legs don’t rub. Like I said I never experienced that, but I’m not going to say it doesn’t happen just because it’s never happened to me.

Thanks for all the info on the pi bar

Closing because I made some