looking for shin armour in canadian prices

hi im looking for pads for muning less then $60
but if ur an american im not really big on shipping ok… thx alot if youve got some bye…

just don’t buy the daneise one’s from MEC

Airbomb.com does both Canadian and USA orders. Their prices are generally pretty good. I’ve ordered from them with no problems.

Canadian: <http://store.airbomb.com/can/>
USA: <http://store.airbomb.com/usa/>

They sell Roach, 661, and their house brand Nuke Proof. The Nuke Proof stuff is similar to Roach but uses a weaker fabric.

When sizing for Roach gear get the leg armor longer than you think you’ll need. The large isn’t as long as you might think. You want it long enough so that it won’t slide down your leg in a crash and expose your knee.

I’m not sure if you’re looking for pads that are less than $60 US or CAN? The airbomb stuff is less than $60 US but more than $60 CAN.

Another option is to use skate or BMX knee pads and soccer shin guards. But this solution leaves the back of your calf exposed to nasty pedal scratches. It’s best to protect the back of the calf too, just in case you slip a pedal.