Looking for riders in Washington

I’m from Puyallup, and when I get back I would like to meet and ride with others that live in the state. I am just learning, and have been practicing by going up and down the airstrip holding onto my friend’s shoulder. My goal: to ride Mt. Rainier when I return.

You are lucky because there are many unicyclist in your home area. You’ll see when you get home. You’ll find a group of great folks in the western Washington area!


There is a semi organized group of us in the Seattle area. We could figure out some sort of a ride or some sort of a way to meet somewhere convenient for all involved. Puyallup is about 1 hour south of Seattle.

Riding on Mt. Rainier is probably not going to be possible. It’s a national park and they don’t allow mountain biking there. There are good off-road rides though in other areas. I think Crystal Mountain allows riding down the ski area (I haven’t been there yet to confirm). And there are plenty of other rough terrain options.

My email address is in my sig if you want to get in touch when you get back.

I am just now learning, and I still have time here until I return, so it will be a while. But I would like to find out who is in the area - getting together to learn tricks and ride would be cool. Even though Mt. Rainier is not an option, I am sure there are plenty of other places to ride in the northwest.

Hey man

whats up im from bremerton…near seattle…looking for riders…16/m

I’m from Washington!
I live about 30 mins from Seattle. (Edmonds) I love riding with all the people from Washington, John Childs, Tom Jackson, Tom Blackwood, Harper, Steve D., Sara C., g3orge, and Dan Heaton. ( I’ve only went riding with him once…hopefully again soon!)
Alot of the Washington riders are part of the Muni Militia. I would be glad to ride with anyone.


I live in Warshington, too

My naime is Sara C., I life in Warshington, and hucked on fonicks werked fer me!!!

But seriously, I’m 17/f, I live in Everett, and I think there are only like three females in the Western Washington unicyclers group…me, Unirene, and Andrea who is unibriers daughter oops I almost just typed son cuz unibrier is a guy!! whoa, I’m unipsycho.

I’m probably classified as an “intermediate” skill level unicyclist, so if you want to learn some cool tricks without being intimidated by someone who’s REALLY REALLY good (which there are some in this group) I’d be totally willing to give you some free lessons…god I can’t believe I used to charge for them…lol j/k

I do almost every kind of unicycling: Trials, MUni, freestyle artistic, flatland, cross-country, Urban long-distance, racing, street (oooooh I love street and Trials!!!), and some other stuff that prolly doesn’t have a name (well like I call my riding style STrials–a cross between street and trials) which is weird I know but thaz ok.


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Here is my contact information:

A.I.M. S.N: “unipsychogirl” or “violpunk”
M.S.N. S.N: unicyclerider@hotmail.com
e-mail address: unicyclerider@hotmail.com


Allright, well now I’ve done my plug, so I’m out. L8er!!

Awesome, I`d love to ride with any of you sometime…during the summer for sure.

 AIM SN:   Arrabatache
 E-mail:     [email]Josh@theborcherdings.com[/email]

Hey, I was in Bremerton and Puyallup yesterday for work. My uni too but it never made it out of the trunk.

Jayjae13; Come on by the Seattle Int’l Juggling Festival on Saturday, June 19. There will be a bunch of unicyclers there in the afternoon.

We’re planning on a 4:00 Seattle ride after the unicycle workshop.


Ah dangit bro, june 19 is when were leaving down to Nevada for my little brothers wrestling nationals…I would totally be there and would love to come, but…I cannot make it this time, I`ll probably be gone for about a week or so…but if you inform
me of the next one…or wanna ride sometime, im sure to be there. thanks alot though… I appreaciate it