Looking for riders in Richmond Va

I’m looking to ride with anyone here in Richmond Va.
804 869 6102

Hey dude(ette) I’m in Richmond! Name’s Max, I’m 24 and been riding about 10 years or so. I mostly ride muni and distance stuff, although I have a trials uni and a good street or trials ride is always a blast, especially with another rider.

All this rain lately has kind of killed my muni riding. I’ve mostly just been doing the occasional 10 mile or so 36er ride just to keep in the saddle.

What kind of riding are you into? How long have you been riding?

Will ride and try anything type riding.

I’ve got a 24 inch dirt uni. I’m old, but fit. I’ve ridden my whole life. Rusty now but have a goal to go to Moab munifest in spring 2014 so I want to ride and ride to get ready. I may not be able to do 10 mile first time out but def into getting my distance back and learn some tricks. Call me and let’s get out there!
Liz 804 869 6102 I have days off and work nights!

Looking for riders in Richmond Va

There are a couple of us that ride in Richmond. I am getting ready to start training for Scouts Honor 18 hour race. I have been riding that race for 3 years. The unicylist do it for the comradely. I ride Muni, I am to old and brittle to ride trials anymore. Let us know Frank Brown and me (Aaron Brown), not related, have been going out and riding together.

Sounds great. I’m off mon and tues but work nights and can ride any day really.
804 869 6102. I’d love to ride with someone.

Looking for RVA Uni’s to “Shoot”

Hope you guys are still on this forum. I was walking along Buttermilk and saw a Unicyclist zip by. I would love to do a photo shoot of you guys tearing up the trails! Doing stuff around the city would be awesome too! Please Contact me. danny@dannyspry.com