looking for riders in jacksonville FL

Hi everyone im not sure if anyone has posted this already but i was just wondering if there was any unicyclist in Jacksonville FL i might be moving there soon and would like to get some people to ride with so at the moment im just wondering :smiley: :thinking:

thanks in advance

lol well this didn’t work as well as i was hoping lol

I live and ride in st. aug. Where in jax do you live?

No, R.S.U slash Unicyclist.com is not some magical bat-signal that will summon all unicyclists within a certain geographical region within the immediate 24h period afterward :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

There are riders near Jax, I know… check the First Occasional Florida mUni Meetup thread for some possibilities, but not everyone in any one location posts here, and even fewer of those follow things religiously.

What kind of riding do you do now, and what kinds of riding would you like to do? That can play a factor as well, though I don’t know as much about the panhandle as I do my own neck of the woods.

Good luck, in any case… and keep us posted if you do make the move :slight_smile:

unofficial FL welcome wagon?,

John M

i will do im going to be moving to riverside but im not sure exactly when :stuck_out_tongue: but i used to live in Michigan but then i moved to Orlando FL about 2 years ago and about a year ago i moved to here where im at right now lake park GA so i cant wait to leave here :stuck_out_tongue: and be in the city again probably in the next two months or i should be do moving and also just so you know i love riding trials and thats mainly what i do but im trying to learn some street or flat but im best at trials so far i can get a 53cm UP but i have only been riding for 4 months :smiley:

ohhhhhhhhhhhhh I thought you had already moved here cause your location says jax, fl. But once you get down here downtown st. aug is a great place to ride trials. tons of everything you could imagine.

I keep getting kicked out of places though. its only a matter of time before they start putting up ghetto rigged signs saying “no unicyclist” under the no skateboarding…etc…I don’t damage anything though…lol

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