Looking for people to ride trails with in San Diego, Feb. 5 & 6

Hello San Diego MUni people! Or should I narrow that down to people who don’t have to be at work or in school on a Monday or Tuesday? Sorry, my wife will be in a conference, so that’s the time I’ll have free for riding. I will have a car. I may need to drop people off in the morning at the conference, then pick them up late in the afternoon, not sure.

If no one is able to join me, I’m also looking for trail recommendations. I have no idea where to ride in the San Diego area but I’m sure someone out there does! I’d rather get recommendations from unicyclists than take guesses based on mountain bike web sites.

When I was down there last month, we rode in Elfin Forest. It was fun stuff, all rollable, lightly to moderately technical, not particularly steep. Slog up, ride around, ride down.

Hey, that’s cool news, John! I could get one of those days off work to come roll with you. You just let me know which is best.

As for trail selection: We have anything from “It was fun stuff, all rollable, lightly to moderately technical, not particularly steep” to stand-at-the-top-and-stare-with-your-jaw-dropped-and-soil-yourself. :smiley:

…Just let me/us know what you have in mind. I’ll clue the other locals in on this thread too.

It’ll be exciting to host such a uni-celebrity!


so when about would you be able to ride?

I can get out of school at 1:30, so anytime after then I’d defiantly be up for a ride.


I’m game

At the moment, my schedule is open for those days. Erik, will you keep me posted?


Thanks for responding, guys! I’m responding here until we get into the nitty-gritty of details, so more people can join in if they’re available. Then we’ll switch to email. At the moment let’s plan for Monday, so we can fall back to Tuesday in case of rain or other problems. I don’t know yet what time I can join you. Have to find out how close our hotel is to the conference. If we’re real close, they can walk and I can leave earlier. Otherwise probably can’t meet until around 10:00 or so, depending on the drive. I also don’t know yet what time I’ll have to be back, but let’s assume 5:00 for now.

What trail? I don’t know. The picture Tom posted looked like a great section. Anything you’ve got that’s like the Friday ride from the Santa Barbara MUni Weekend would be awesome :slight_smile: I guess whichever is your favorite ride, or the one you think would be best for a future MUni Weekend, is a good candidate.

Sorry Miles, I don’t know if I’ll have any energy left to ride with you in the afternoon. Maybe we can set up an after-ride ride, or something like that.

Thanks again for all the responses on this thread. I’m going to send Mango an email and we’ll take it from there. If there’s further information I’ll try to post it here as well.

Monday ride, place TBD, start time based on me leaving from downtown SD around 9:00am. Hope to see you there!

Oops, sorry for the multiple posts. Erik, if you didn’t get my email it means I don’t have your correct email address. Please contact me!