Looking for passenger for MOAB (from SF)

I’ll be driving to MOAB from the SF Area (oakland) in my 98 Toyota Tacoma Extra-Cab
I’m looking for one passenger (two would be possible but VERY uncomfortable for the person in back.

This is my very tentative schedule. I’m willing to be flexible.

Weds 3/24 – Head out after work, drive 4-5 hours, camp or find a cheap hotel
Thurs 3/25 – Drive the rest of the way. Camp/hotel in Moab
Friday 3/26 – Muni/Camp
Sat 3/27 – Muni/Camp
Sun 3/28 – Muni/Start back, drive 4-5 hours camp/hotel.
Mon 3/29 – Finish driving home.

I’m looking for someone to split expenses. (eg. GAS/Hotel)

I might be able to do this. What do you expect the costs to be? Yopu can e-mail me at onewheeler@mindspring.com .

I may decide to go, and it would be easier to share driving and costs etc., but I would probably bring my 2-wheeler also. In a couple weeks I’ll know better and will check back with you.
Also, with 2 (or 3) people we could easily drive straight through Its 15 hrs from SF to Moab, I believe.

email me at michael_scalisi AT hotmail DOT com and lets talk details. How likely is it that you’ll go?

The Spot is still available. Any takers?