Looking for new unicycle!

Well, here in 2 weeks to a month I will have about 300 bucks or a little bit more to spend ona new unicycle. I"m looking in advanced becuase I do not want to spend the full 500 bucks on a KH 2005. I need something very strong, i weigh 220 lbs and I do somet trials, etc. It just needs to hold up to my weight. Does anyone have any unicycles they would like to sell?

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im going to use this thread as a platform to launch (yet again) my proposal to sell my giraffe (5 ft) for 100 bucks free shipping. even though i dont think this was what he was talknig about when he asked if anyone was sellnig unicycles.

qu-ax is about 300, onza is 400. get that if you can afford it. the kh2005 is really good though if you can save to get it.

yea i prefer the KH but otherwise the onza is a good one

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What kind?

I might buy that girafe also if it’s only 100 bucks.

Well, i have heard a lot about onza. I am going to look into it, i don’t want to spend my full 500 bucks on just a unicycle though :-/

Hey Cody!
have you considered talking to Darren at BedfordUnicycles i’m sure he could build you a really nice bedford trials with the original KH hub cranks and saddle pretty close to what your budget is i’m sure.

it would look somthing like the unis on here http://image02.webshots.com/2/7/93/29/80879329ThPfIQ_ph.jpg… minus the cool colored rim and frame powdercoat upgrades.

I am either considering an Onza 24 inch, or a 20 inch. Or talking to Drren Beford. I’m not sure yet. I’m still looking for someone who has something used, strong, and cheap. If I can’t find anything like that. I will more then likely talk to darren.

after hanging out with some of the best riders in the world at ToQUE 05 and many of them being gracios enough to let me try out thier personal street and trials rigs i can say with honesty you do not want to buy someone elses broken trials unicycle!

it has been my experience that most people sell used unicycles cause somthing is wrong with them. there are some rare exeptions especially on RSU like “Jagur” who is doing the uni community a service by selling off his “build em up test em sell em off projects” but for the most part if you buy new and well built then you will be most pleased. and you can slowly break into it and if you are that hard on your gear then you will bend it all in your own special way.


did you already break your other torker? you mentioned wanting to buy a 24" uni. you have two 24" uni’s why would you want to buy anouther, especially for tirals and street.

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torker tx i think

Nah, i haven’t already borken my DX phil. It’s getting there though, stuff is slwoly going wrong with it. Mybe it’s just my mind. It’s still holding pretty strong though. I’m just getting 500 dollars in, and well. I want to have something that is gonna be really good, or damn good at least. I do a lot of distance riding from here to there so of course i’m going to want a 24 incher. If I have to get a 20 incher for cheaper then I will. But no one is really giving me any offers right now, so yeah. I guess i’m gonna probably have to buy an onza or talk to darren. Wich I am about to do today or tomarow.

Daren’s unicycles are to high dollar for me to afford at this time. Will a 20" Onza Uni be a good one for the price, 409 dolalrs, 430 something with 3 day select shipping. I am just looking for something good for a decent price. Any help on this unicycle or your opinions will be appreciated.


remember that the prices Darren Bedford has listed, are in CANADIAN dollars, not american so it’s actually less. (someone posted that their $500 CDN unicycle becamse something like $350 USD) e-mailing darren is the easiest way to figure out the costs since he’ll do the conversion for you, then stand by the price.

and i’m going with phil. you have two 24" unicycles already. just stop doing street tricks and trials tricks on the torkers, and save those for distance riding only. and get a good strong trials uni for your street & trials tricks.

Yeah, I do already have 24 inchers. And I don’t want to have to lug around two unicycles to do different things, that would just suck! So I still don’t know if i’m going to get another 24 inch. I really have no desire for a 20 incher.

Becuase almost anywhere me and total go to ride, we ride our unicycles there. And it would suck riding a 20 incher to our school even though it’s not that far away. I have a hard time keeping up with total already, a 20 incher would be horrid.

i tried riding a trials unicycle down phil’s street a week before TOque cuz I was practicing on his trials. he was on a 26" with a street tire and like 4" cranks, while i was on a 20" with 5" cranks and a big fat low-pressure trials tire.

i dropped really far back and phil totally forgot about me being on a much smaller wheel and wondered why i was so slow. boo-urns to him!

but i really think within your pricerange it’s better you get a 20" trials and put up with the fact you’ll be riding really slowly, then buy another 24" unicycle that will likely break because it’s not built for what you do to it.

or you can perfect riding a 24" unicycle while having a 20" unicycle slung over your shoulder. i’ve tried it. it’s not really that hard!

Haha, f-that i don’t want to carry around multiple unicycles!

i might be interessted in your 5-foot girrafe for 100$ would that be american or candian? :thinking: