looking for new cranks.

hello all,

im not to happy with the cranks that came on my bedford, so i want to know if anybody has better cranksthen the ones that came on mine ( normal 10$ cotterless cranks).

thx alot,


Re: looking for new cranks.

What type of uni? What size cranks?

Justin, did you have a chance to sort out the mismatched crank situation with Darren? He is really good about that kind of stuff, especially if there has been some mix up. Also, the standard cranks he has on his uni’s are more than adequate but then again you could upgrade to steel 150mm cranks if you wanted or even go with the awesome 170mm Kookas - they are so skookum, totally indestructible!



im looking for better cranks then what came witn my muni ( normal steel cotterless cranks) , im looking for something like montys but i dont know were to get them .( besides bedford )

and 1 wheeler,

i did e-mail darren and he said that they are only 10$ normal cotterless steel cranks , he also said i would probably have to upgrade soon and i think the time has come ( one is starting to strip from just riding) . peace out!