Looking for muni trails in the south bay area

Hey everyone!

I’m back home in the bay area and I’m looking for some local trails that are unicycle friendly. I haven’t had any luck looking around in the local hills… so if anyone knows of anything cool within driving distance, please send some info my way!

I live in Los Altos near Mountain View and Cupertino and I’m looking to meet unicyclists to ride with. My 14 year old brother has been riding for 2 months and wants to give muni a try so we are looking for something not too steep or technical, but something that flows with lots of easy/medium obstacles and small drops. We’re not very extreme yet hehe. Thanks for your help!

Paul C

Dang! When I saw “south bay” I immediately thought of my area. We also refer to the beach cities of Los Angeles county as the South Bay. I’ve only ever heard the Frisco area referred to as the “bay area”, not south bay.

Oops sorry for misleading you :frowning:

Join the Santa Cruz MUni e-mail list where local rides are organized. There are others from the South Bay on it, but we tend to do a lot of our MUni rides “over the hill” near Santa Cruz.

We’re easy going enough that anyone can ride with us, too. Some of the trails are admittedly pretty steep and technical in places, but there’s always the option to walk and only try what you feel comfortable doing.

Thanks phlegm!

us south bay’ers are going to Tahoe this weekend for Northstar.

I’m the list admin…if you have q’s, feel free to email me.


Cool. Have a great time!

I’m going to Mammoth in two weeks for the same thing. Two days of ski-lift MUni! :sunglasses:

Terry & Corbin - Have a blast & bring back some good footage :o :sunglasses:

Looking forward to a report as well :o