looking for muni riders in portland area


Ill be spending about 10 days in portland starting in a week. Ill post my exact dates later. Is anyone on these forums from the portland area, and if so would they be interested in doing some muni together? Perhaps some of the locals know which trails are best? Even if you can’t personally meet up with me, trail suggestions would be nice. Thanks :slight_smile:


I don’t really know any locals there, but there are a couple decent woods trails on the Reed College campus (along their creek canyon…not sure what its formal name is). Nothing hardcore, but kind of fun if you’re in the neighborhood.

Looking at his location I imagine he means portland, maine. Not the important port of Portland, Oregon’s largest city.

I’ll take my mistake as a good sign. After spending my first 18 years on the east coast, it looks like I’m finally thinking like a westerner.

Sorry Tennis, can’t help you out on Portland, Maine riding. All I’ve done around there is hike and that was many years ago. Bring along lots of bug dope.

sorry; forgot there were 2 portlands… i meant portland oregon.


I was hoping that it was Portland Oregon.
I could make a road trip down to Portland for a ride. I’m not familiar with the trails down there, but there’s supposed to be some good trails out near Mt. Hood.

sounds like fun, john

i believe my family was taking a day trip to mount hood anyway… i was wondering whether or not to bring my kh24.


there has got to be trials in Forest park…come to think of it F-City is only an hour away from Portland.

Bring the KH24. If I go down to Portland to go riding I plan to muni. I hear there are some trails with stunts in Hood River (about an hour east of Portland). There’s other good trails around the Portland area too. KH24 muni required.

awesome john, thats just what i was looking for


definatly let us Salem riders know when you plan on doing a ride. Sundays are the best days for me and DDR.

3 - Portland, Dorset (England)

Pendantic? moi?

there is a Portland in Connecticut too