looking for muni riders in east/central pa

Hi, i’m a noob to the forum, and to unicycling as well, i started riding in late november, and started riding trails as soon as i could balance. i wanted to see if there is anyone here riding trails in east/central pa

Hi, I’ll be in Wilkes-Barre next weekend (visit to the Inlaws) and will bring my Muni. Was thinking of checking out the trails at Francis Slocum park, or some other place.

The trails up here in Albany are still lousy with ice and mud, are they better down in PA?


all the the trails near me are quite wet and muddy, however i’m pretty far south in pa, (between reading and harrisburg) so scranton/wilkes barre may have some ice left. if its anything like here, the mud makes the trails quite difficult :frowning:

wow, am i alone in pa?? :frowning:

I’m in Maryland a few hours away. The trails are good here now. The ice and mud are gone. If you make it down this way let me know. I am between Frederick, MD and D.C.

dude im here

i live in latrobe like 1 hour away from pittsburgh and just lettin you know im here