Looking for lift to BUC

Hey guys

I’m looking for ways to get to BUC. Is there someone from London that will drive by car and still got a free seat for one person from germany? It would rock. Plane to London is about 60 € and plane to Newcastle is about 290 €.

Of course i will contribute towards petrol costs.


hmmmm well if you are going mabey my parents will see sence and let me go :slight_smile:

Back on topic have you concidred coach/ train?

A couple of Lunis hockey plyers who don’t post here are driving from the London area, I’ll pass the message on for you.

Why arn’t your parents letting you go to BUC? Sounds a little harsh to me!

Rock on!


im not a big fan of public transportations… train is one of the worst things over here in germany (at least the few times i travelled with them always sucked)

if i can avoid travelling with train its always better :smiley:

[moaning_parent_voice] It’s too far north, it not worth it, why do you want to go?[/moaning_parent_voice]
you get the idea;) :frowning:

Funny I get a similar response from the back of my car:

[moaning_kids_voices] It’s too far , are we nearly there yet? I am bored, D is hitting me, T is pinching me, I need the toilet[/moaning_kids_voices]
you get the idea :wink: :frowning:

I don’t blame your parents - it is a long way from the South East.

I don’t moan on long journies tho, and I sugested train

I’m flying to Newcastle and probably get the train from there, train from Newcastle to Billingham is like 16-17 quid so that’s not too bad… Marco you shouldn’t whine about trains haha they’re not too bad, I always get cramped legs in cars because of the little space, in the train you just dump your unis and you can walk around annoying other people or just sit, put music on and try not to fall asleep…

not yet

parents sill say no :frowning:
someone have some good news please!

edit: to add to miserary I broke my kh hub :frowning:

How the hell did you break a KH moment hub? I’m guessing it was something to do with assembling it, rather than riding it.

they shout have warnings on them saying:
Don’t use standard crank extractors!

But It may not be broken, just got a cap jamed in it

Edit: you got a lift yet marco? cough trian cough cough