Looking for KH 8-splined cranks

I’m looking for a pair of the old KH or Summit 8-splined cranks that look like the ones pictured here. I busted my right one a couple of weeks ago. The ones pictured are available at UDC but they only have them in 170mm. I’ve tried them but they’re just too long for trials. I would like to get a pair of 125mm-145mm if anyone has them. I will buy them or trade for the 170mm pair that I have. I have machined off the nubs and counter-sunk them so they are smooth by the ankle. The left one is scratched up from me crank grabbing to concrete for a couple of hours.

PM me if you’ve got 'em. Thanks.


I know this isn’t exactly what you are looking for and I know that you are in the US but if nothing else, these cranks work and I don’t believe shipping should be too terrible.

UDC US used to have them but they are no longer listed, it might be worth giving them a call though as I know its pretty common for them to have one or two of an item and not list it.

EDIT: The UK site also has the ones you were looking for in 140mm.

Have you tried Bedford? He usually has this kind of thing.

dude, those cranks nubs look BR00t4L! I still have scars from before I didn’t have ankle guards on my dx.

Seems like for trials longer is better than short, but too each their own.

Yeah I bet Bedford has some…

I called UDC but no luck. I think shipping from the UK will be pretty steep. I had forgotten to try Darren. I’ll contact him.

Darren said to try for some Haro Sub-C cranks but only the cranksets are available. Way more than I want to spend. Finding a used pair of KH 8-spline would be ideal.

Take no offence in this but, Why would you want those cranks when you could have moments?

None taken. I’m cheap. Are the Moments 8-splined and available in short lengths? I’ll search around and see if I can find them.

I see =)

Moments are isis splined, and available in 125, 137, 150, 165, 125-150, 137-165.

the hub and cranks are each about $70, so $140 for the crankset + hubs.

you could get a whole new crankset, but that is quite expencive. i know UDC UK has 140’s but the shipping will be steep. are there any other sizes of these cranks by the way? like 150’s?

no, they were only made by Kh in 140 and 170, and the qu-ax version in 125. They were made at a time where variety of crank length was much less common than it is today, one for trials and one for muni was deemed enough.

i have a set… they are a little tweeked but they work

i was looking at the 170s today coud probably trade you or work somthing out just pm me and we can talk

Cool. Thanks, Phil. Check your PM’s.


Here are some on sale http://unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=659

If you read his post he already tried the 170s and they are too long. The link you posted to UDC says they only have 170s in stock.