Looking for KH 29er to borrow or *rent* for the weekend! (LA/OC)

Anyone have a KH 29er I could borrow or rent for the weekend? If you are in the LA/OC area and wouldn’t mind me using it I’d have it back by Sunday afternoon.

PM asap if you have one to loan or rent to me! I will not be using it on technical terrain or doing any drops with it, and I’ll take full responsibility for any damage, which I can pretty much guarantee won’t happen. Thanks in advance for any help! :slight_smile:

Terry, I have a Torker AL29 with a K-1 seat and a WTB 2.1 tire that you are welcome to use for as long as you like. I am also riding the super DH on Sunday so I could bring it with me or if you wanted to pick it up on your way up Saturday I am right off the 91 at Imperial.


Hey Jeff, that’s right generous of you man! But what do you plan to ride for the event?

I am riding my 26" Hunter. I am not that competetive in nature or ability and I am far more comfortable on the 26x3 with a brake.

Thanks for reminding me about a brake! I guess I’ll go with my KH that has a magura, since it’s mostly smooth single track and you can really get some speed, so I’ll want to have a good brake. :o