looking for image

Hey guys,

I’m searching for an image and was wondering if anybody have ever seen such an image. basicaly I need a load of rims in a row ranging from 19 inch to 29 to 36 inch.

Chears if anybody can save me the time on photo shop. :slight_smile:

No 36", but I found this.

hmm that could work, i’ll see what wonders I can create on paint.net

how’s this?

the 36 rim looks really out of place. if you were to move it up a little so that the bottom of all the rims look like they’re on the same plane, it would look better.



you also need to tilt it a little to match the others

yah I know but PS hates me and crashed so I don’t have a layers version, this is the best I can do

wow thats sweet

nowI have 2 to pick from; which one do you guys recon is better?

Rim sizes, 20 to 36.jpg

what is this for? that may be a choosing factor.:stuck_out_tongue:

What is that camo rim?
Link me to it please :slight_smile:

Peter M


I think that this Rim is a Sun…{

Sun Website


Product design corse work, (reaserch stuff if that make adiffrence)


I think the one Scotthue did is better.

I think scotthues is better, your one looks like the rims are slightly out of proportion or something, and they’re at dodgy angles to each other, and it aint as clean :smiley:

Scotthue wins and has the huge honour of beating me. :smiley: I’ll use his pic.