looking for friends and love

hello all u unie lovers:p , i am pretty good on one wheel.
so was up, looking for friends and a companion:)
i’m a single unie rider, love late night chats n long rides one the beach, and cleaning my unie,
Call me sometime 97814474…
c u all then xoxox

you spelt uni wrong

lol :smiley:

nice eight digit phone number.

Im confused

Is it like a typo?

Someone try calling :wink:

lets chat babe. i love riding, freebording and insulting people whos first post is “i ride a uni and am looking for someone special”.
if you want me to make fun of you more hit me up.
aim= torkerdx

apparently you need a a little help on spelling so i checked it for you.

im case you are wondering i do accept new riders who make serious accounts, and ask serious questions


He/she didn’t mention what country he/she is in. Maybe they have 8-digit phone numbers there? :stuck_out_tongue:

We have eight digit phone numbers in Australia.

luke baby, is that your alternate identity?

just joking man

he didnt mention torkerdx was “13” right…

It seems to be an Australian number like what Luke Collalto mentioned. :smiley:

i think gilby should let ip addresses be public… then we could hunt people down… :smiley:

Is this for real? Or am I missing some HUGE joke?

If this keeps up we’ll need a “Looking For Love” sub-fora. I can see it now:

SFU seeks RMTR…

(Single Female Unicyclists seeks Radical Male Trials Rider)

Well, that’s a hell of a first post.

Unfortunatley for you, this isn’t quite a dating site.

Eharmony is though-

They even match you on 52 levels of compatibility!

Must be pretty dirty :stuck_out_tongue:

Not a real number

Who’s “So”… you should probably put them back to sleep.

what do you mean?
if you mean by age, i am 15, if you mean soemthing else then ?