Looking for freewheel hub or wheel

It’s a Nimbus drift trike cotterless hub, laced into a 27"5 Qx wheel with its 160mm rotor, bought new 18 months ago. Still not sure about the price.
To be honest, there’s another guy in France who is interested in it. It would be much easier for me to avoid an international sending. I’ll let you know when I know more.

Found a JR P-hub, thanks everybody.

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Just out of curiosity where did you find that? New or second hand?

Bought it new off this site


I wonder what their stock level is like - they pretty much seem to be the last place that more affordable freewheel hubs are available from.

Now that JR is no more, once these hubs are gone they may well not be any more.

@gryphonmoore how did you get the dimensions of this hub for your wheel build? Did you measure it once you received it?

I ordered one from Flatout but the order status says “Awaiting Fulfillment” - I hope someone there is really working on this and they are not out of stock…

I never measured it, I dropped it off at the local bike store as I’ve been too busy lately and just wanted to ride! As for your order saying “waiting fulfilment” that happened to me as well but it was shipped about 9 days after I ordered.

40mm flange spacing, 57mm PCD


I should really put this info on the thread on here: Freewheel Unicycling Megathread - #3 by mowcius

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@mowcius thanks for the info. I hope I’ll be able to use it - still no sign of this being shipped to me :confused:

Oh no, that’s not good!

Have you been able to get in touch with them?

I think it is a one person business so it takes some time to ship and to respond to messages. I just got a text today, so perhaps it will ship soon.

I’ve been looking to purchase that freewheel hub from JR linked in this thread. I know how to build a unicycle, but the only part that confuses me about this hub is how I’m supposed to fit cranks on it. Since it’s made for a bike, I don’t see where I could put on any cotterless cranks.

It’s made for a drift trike?

It’s a direct drive drift trike front hub. Drift trikes are just like a freewheeling unicycles with lots of extra bits…

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I don’t understand your question about cranks. It looks like it takes the standard square taper cotterless cranks. See the picture below. I’m planning on using the cranks from UDC. Best United Black Cotterless Crank Arms Online - 150mm

Sorry. I thought this was a hub for typical chain driven bikes. It didn’t even occur to me that name “drift trike” implies a direct drive. Thanks for the information. Guess I’m building yet another unicycle.

I’m not sure at all what a ‘drift trike’ is, but I’d like to see what it does.

I’m thinking of putting this hub on a 24 Muni which currently has rim brakes. Might add the brake adapter, or spring for another frame. And then I need to get the back pad, the elbow pads, the butt pad, and go have fun…

I just bought and received an identical freewheel hub thanks to you. I never saw on the website what size the bearings were though. Are they 40mm or 42mm?

I have not personally measured this, but according the section in this post they are 40mm and we will need to either replace the bearings or get a shim to fit in the standard 42mm bearing holders. See the section for this particular hub.

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