Looking for Freestyle Unicyclists in Los Angeles for video

Hello all. I’m a Director and Artist in LA, shooting a video next month that I’m hoping to get some great shots of a few Unicyclists doing some tricks in the city. The video will be really cool looking, with specials effects, graphics, etc. You can see the last spot I did with an urban ballerina here:

If you, or anyone you know, is able to participate or recommend someone, please do contact me. Thanks for your time!


I suggest contacting Sophia Pellman. She’s in L.A. now.

Also Augie Tourdot, through his dad Chuck, here: https://www.facebook.com/chuck.tourdot?pnref=friends.search
I think Terry (Unigeezer) Peterson is usually up for stuff like that. (Look him up, he’s easy to find.)
Jamey Mossengren is great for stuff like that, but he comes and goes (currently out riding the Arizona Trail). Maybe if your schedule fits with his. (http://www.uniproshow.com/)

(Sounds like a fun project. I’d love it, but my riding sux! :D)

Good luck!

Young Greta posted that video yesterday, she’s California based. And her skills are awesome:

Thanks for the recommendations, it’s greatly appreciated!

I’m going to be in San Diego on Wed. - Sat but unfortunately I won’t be able to spend any decent amount of time with you even if you could meet me. I’m there for work.

If you want to make a road trip up to Sacramento, I could dedicate most of a day to showing you some top quality, old-school Freestyle (1980s) from one of the experts of that era. :slight_smile:

I only got to make cameo appearances in Dan Heaton’s videos, but for Freestyle I might still be worthy of some actual riding screen time!