Looking for frame!

Does anyone know of a street or trial frame that has a 27.4mm diameter for the seatpost?

Anyone I really don’t want to pay the money to return my miyata 27.4mm seatpost. I mean there’s gotta be something out their or they wouldnt be sold on unicycle.com.

Well KH and Koxx frames take 27.2mm, thats the closest that I’m aware of.

is it worth it to buy a new frame just to not pay to return the seat post?

why buy a new frame? its gotta be cheaper to exchange the seatpost

well I have a literally $20 unicycle so I have to replace the parts eventually anyway so mys well change the frame now.

You should buy parts to fit the frame, not a frame to fit the parts though. its just my opinion… but thats what would make sense to me

well a koxx trials frame or a kh frame will hold a 27.2mm seatpost.