Looking for feedback on my unicycle video web app

I created a web app to annotate one our more YouTube videos into playlists of segments (designated as actions) which can be collated into a meaningful, statistical summary of results. I use this to create play-by-play and boxscore information for my unicycle basketball team’s practice games (in a private, group-based section). When the video recently came out for the Mountain Unicycle Weekend in Sedona I thought about whether it would be useful to use my app to label interesting parts of videos like that.

As a test I created a simple syntax but I wanted to ask the community for feedback before going much further. If you could take an existing unicycle video and split it up what would you want to be able to see? For the Sedona video I labeled a rail grind (as an example of a specific trick), “muni” (general muni riding), and UPDs. The “results” are a simple counting of these three actions and you can filter the segments by player and/or action. For instance, you could filter to list all the actions by a specific player then play only those or you could filter to list actions of a specific type and play only those.

A big concern I have is attribution for included videos. YouTube lets you specify whether or not a video can be used in this way but I believe it’s on by default. Is there a good way to highlight the creator of videos used on my app’s playlist page or is the information exposed by YouTube through the embed sufficient?