Looking for different website?

Is there a different site than unicycle.com that sells unicycle parts? Not just unicycles. Cause where ever unicycle.com’s wharehouse is, it’s far away from me, it takes like 7 buisness days to get litle parts.

there is renegade juggling, but unless you want to by a koxx-one you can only really get pedals.

You might be able to get the uni parts through your LBS - Local Bike Shop. They would have to order it, and you might have to pay shipping, but you might get it earlier.

It’s worth a phone call.


how about this link to a list of websites.

What kind of parts exactly? Many parts are BMX or mountain bike parts, so can be bought or ordered at almost any bike shop. It is only the really specific parts that must be purchased from UDC, like frames, cranks, hubs, and seats.