Looking for detailed RH Reeder pics and measurements

Hey everyone,

I just got my nimbus II 26, swapped the tire for a hookworm, chromag pedals and upgraded to a KH street saddle. I’m planning on having a RH Reeder inspired handle fabricated at a local shop. Does anyone have detailed pictures and measurements for a RH Reeder?


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Someone with the same question in this post with some actual dimensions and angles if you scroll on to post 35…

There are some other photos on here in these posts and probably more, maybe enough information and different views for you to get something made:

Funny this got dredged up! I’m the original author of those first two posts - It’s been awhile since I was active in the unicycle scene, but it just so happens that in the past fifteen years i’ve opened my own metal fabrication business :rofl:

I’d be happy to put something together if someone was looking for one now, my welding chops are much better than they were when I posted those.


I’ve done a similar one years ago. I really just eye-balled it until it was comfy hahaha. I’ve never had or seen a real original Reeder though!

I’m finding this post a little confusing as the links go back many years and the photos have photo bucket overlays that make viewing difficult. It has definitely peaked my curiosity.

Got me curious too!
A brief search has shown that a Reeder is a handlebar design that dates 20 years ago (it’s fascinating how this forum ages and these historical gems are so well kept).


It’s connected to the saddle base with 3 screws:


Due to the asymmetric design, it has both left-hand and right-hand variants.

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Thank you for the info and the pictures, that is very helpful and interesting.

Thanks, I was afraid to ask because I felt like I should already know! :laughing: