Looking for cranks: 100mm to 110mm ISIS street cranks

My cranks snapped yesterday (RIP)
I was riding QuAx brand “street” ISIS splined hollow CrMo cranks. I was intending to replace them with Mad4one tecnos but they’re out of stock in the size I’m looking for, and other folks have recommended I try and find some KH Moments in 110mm and suggested I ask in a thread here.

Anybody got any cranks that fit this description or otherwise within these specs they’d be down to part with for me to keep my riding up?

Looking for 100mm - 110mm M41 Tecnos or KH Moments

Tap them short

Can you be more specific? Im not really able to afford new cranks as is right now let alone have access to the tools I’d need to drill and tap holes into bigger ones if that’s what you mean.

You can’t tap the Qu-Ax Steet cranks. They are hollow steel. I might have a set of 110mm Moments, I’ll get back to you on this. You can send me a private message so I dont forget haha.

If they meant that I should tap my broken cranks, that wine be possible considering they literally snapped off at the axle.

I’m very interested in the moments if you’ve got em! I’ll send you a message now.

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