Looking For Claude And Andre' Magnuson

Hi all. First of all, this is a very cool site. I should have known that there’d be a site like this. I only found it because I was searching for my old friend Andre’ Magnuson and his brother Claude. The Magnuson Family once had an article written about them in the Washington Post as the family in which everyone rode a unicycle. The Dad rode his to work, and Andre’ and Claude rode theirs to school. And after hanging with Andre, I figured out how to ride the dang things and it was a blast! Andre’ was particularly good at it and could do all sorts of neat things on it. He could ride it with one foot doing the cranking while his other foot rested on the fork for instance. And, he would ride it down the halls of Walter Johnson High School (class of 75), and that’s where I started to ride his uni bike, in the halls of high school.

At any rate, when I had begun searching for Andre’, knowing that he wasn’t much for TV and computer like things and that long ago Claude was into computers, I did a search for Claude, and found this place where his name was listed amongst a bunch of others who had ridden a hundred miles on their unicycles. And so: “Claude! Are you out there? I used to have a great time with you and Andre’ as we hitch hiked all around West Virginia, the Cheat River, and good old Dry Fork. Those were some great times Claude, and I am wondering as to where Andre’ got off to…”

And if any of you folks know Claude, whose name was on a list here, maybe you could let him know to come here and look at this thread. My e-mail address is:


If any of you want to fwd that to Claude.

And hey! Maybe I’ll get my self another unicycle! I’m 52 now, but that shouldn’t stop me. Riding one of those things is probably “like riding a bicycle”, and once you do it, it’s easy to figure it out down the rode. BUT somehow, I don’t think it’ll be quite the same…

Anyways, Cheers!


Hey Kevin - this is Claude. You found me. We’ve got some catching up to do. I will send you an email.


I love a happy ending :slight_smile: glad you guys were able to link up.