looking for cf seatbase

im looking to buy two carbon fiber seat bases. if any body has any please sell!!

I’m sure the folks at Unicycle.com will be happy to sell you them. You can get Miyata style or KH style CF seatbases from Unicycle.uk.com (if you live in or near UK), or you can get Miyata style CF seatbases (currently out of stock) from Unicycle.com (if you live in or near USA). If you live outside these areas, you could order them from Unicycle.co.nz (New Zealand) or Unicycle.se (Sweden), but it could take a while before the seat bases arrive.

there out of stock for 2 months

How come you need two of them in a hurry? Have you snapped two of your seats, or is it for you and a friend? Two months seems like a while, but if you have seats already which you can use it shouldn’t be too long to wait. KH Velo seats are quite good but CF ones are stiffer. If you are lucky the KH seats will come with the CF base built if you can wait a couple of months. I don’t know if they are planning that or not but since the bases are available in UK it would be good if they do that. It would save the trouble of having to put it together and drill it yourself, but I guess that would add to the cost.

Knowing Zack, he’s probably snapped his torker seat base. Just switch your muni seat on! I too am curious why you need two. Did you also snap your muni base, or are you also looking for one for Jess?


Yes anyone who has these stockpiled, I could use a couple as well for new seats. Looks like we’ll have to just get by though, for a couple of months.



all the Cal riders are gonna take control of the CF stockpile! Mwhahahah! Or not.