Looking for Canadian riders in British Columbia

Im lookin for some who would like to make a little video of riding in B.C. if any one is interested. i know im not that good but it would be fun making one. if you can ride trials,street,muni it would be awesome so just let me know.



interesting idea. i might be able to send you a few clips i won’t be using in my DVD. PM me with your email and i will send you something soon.

Northern BC Riders Unite!

Hi, I’m in Quesnel, just 1 hr 20 min south of you (those are METRIC hours for our US neighbours :)). I’m mainly a 36er rider, but do some muni on my KH24XC too. PM me if you’re down this way.


We’re doing a fair bit of urban riding on our 29’ers these days. Give me a shout if your down at the coast.

street skills over on van island, if you come, ill ride for you.

Hey Wes,
Theres a bunch of us in Vancouver. If get down here this summer, send us an email vanunicycling@yahoogroups.ca