Looking for: BC wheel or BC plates

I am looking for a BC wheel or some bc plates. I would have to talk to my dad about getting them but I thought I would look while I’m waiting. I would like it to be around $150 or cheapier. I would also maybe pay more then that if it is a trial BC. Even if you want more then $150 or something still post it. thanks

PS: please post pics if you have them to

Note: A mod wheel should’nt be worth more than a bmx wheel.

Ben Uhrun has some plates forsale.

So does Spencer Hochberg.

And unidennis

AND naptin.

Get your wheel from danscomp.com, Empirebmx.com (both dans and empire offer free wheelbuilds with purchases of a rim, spokes and a hub.) or bedfordunicycles.ca

I would reccomend getting a Bmx wheel because with a mod bc you have a choice of 8 tires, all fatty, Horrificly knobby and all low psi. With a bmx bc, right from the starting gate the thing is going to be lighter. The maxxis miracle tire or the Fly bikes ruben tire are some of the heaviest bmx tires. They weigh around the same weight as the lightest trials tire. However this only matters if you are a weight weenie. As for tires, There are hundreds of tires that will fit a bmx rim, all ranging from high psi, to low psi, fat, skinny, round, flat, slick and knobby. And in any combination.

Thanks. i have thought about getting awheel on ebay but i will check around and see what i can find. i have talked to unidennis about his plates but i read that he wasn’t making them any more and i sent him a pm and he hasn’t responded

i may end up selling my old BC, but i’m not promising anything.

I got a BC wheel(that I can’t ride because I have been hurt and the medicine mad me sick) but i want a trials BC. I would pay around $100 to $125 for it because I can get a new trials Bc for $130 plus I would have to buy the spokes, build it, and get it trued. I would also like to see pics if you have one for sell.

why do you want a trials BC? put a 20 G on your BC.

I hate you evan

Why? because he has a good tire on his bc?

because he made me change my mind about which BC I wanted, again.

we should stop jacking this thread.

hahaha^^ busted you use that thing quite a bit miles. Too bad the background on the threads aint white :roll_eyes:


:roll_eyes: right back at ya:D

accually I might do this since I would be using it for street/skatepark more then trials when I got it. I don’t know yet but I’ll think about it

Will the 20 G fit on a regular bicycle rim. Also is there any unicycle frame that that tire could fit in because I want a trials unicycle to make me a BCuni

I have a bc wheel for sale. $90+shipping.

Or $75 without the tire. Tire is almost brand new.

I know spencer has his in his muni frame.

it might fit in a 07 torker dx frame because of the crazy tire clearence.

'Can’t make a bc from a uni wheel.

That’s not what he wants to do, he wants to make a BC with a frame on it.

I’m sorry that I said unicycle wheel I meant BC wheel. I don’t need a BC wheel if I get that 20 G tire though. Will the 20 g tire fir a regular rim(I know I already asked that but it didn’t get answered).

The 20g is for a 20" rim. It would be better on a wider rim. The new torker frames are the only ones with a chance to fit it but I haven’t tried it.