Looking For Any Muni Info For NAUCC 2005

What type of Muni terrain should be expected at the competition? If anyone has any links to pictures or video with similar terrain it would be helpful.
Any other Muni event info would be appreciated.

Thank You in advance!


Ohio is generally very flat, except on the eastern side. I do not know about the park we will use, and I think Wendy Gryzch may still be trying to work out what we’ll be able to do there. I hope she will post something, either here or to the USA web site but so far nothing.

In general, expect no big hills! This does not guarantee an easy course; we had a pretty grueling one at NAUCC 2003 in Minnesota. It was long, and humidity works wonders!

Are you talking about the Muni ride on the sunday after the convention? If you are, is there going to be a trials competition there? I plan on going so i would like to know.

From Wendy:

We’ll be hosting the muni portion at the very buggy (bring repellent) White Star Park, located about 20 minutes northeast of Bowling Green. We’ve rented the barn there for the day. It has seating for abour 200 people with electricity and a grill that we may choose to use (Jan suggested maybe hotdogs, chips, and pop) for dinner. The cross-country portion will be run on grass trails throughout the park. There are no hills, so when I say “cross-country”, I really mean “a flat ride through grass”. There’s a sledding hill there that we’ll use for the uphill and downhill events. There’s a big field where there’ll be trials events going on. We’re catering trials more for the beginner/intermediate trials riders this year. Things will get under way around 1 on Sunday and should be done around suppertime.

In the portion of White Star Park that we’re using, there’s no cement, only a gravel driveway and a gravel parking area. The rest is all grass. There’s a couple volleyball courts and a couple horseshoe pits. Across the road and around the corner there’s lake for swimmers and a playground and stuff like that. But, the location is kinda cool because it’s on the way to Cedar Point, where many of us are planning on going on Monday. Some people may want to move to a hotel closer to Cedar Point for Sunday night.

We tried to set up a couple fun muni rides during other days of the events, but hit deadends on every turn. There’s a rock quarry not too far from Bowling Green, but we were informed that we’d have to stay on the boring part of it (the level dirt trail) and we not allowed to deviate from the trail in any way. We also tried to get a BMX track to ride on (RTUC rode on one last summer - it was a blast!), but they wouldn’t let us on even for a few hours! We have some way cool rides here in Michigan, but the closest to Bowling Green is over an hours drive, so we didn’t think there’d be enough interest to drive that far.


Thank You for your quick response. It was very helpful.

Adam Cohen
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