Looking for any and all Washington riders. want more pple to ride with!!!

I am just looking for more Washington riders, i know some of the better riders but i want to get to know all the riders around here in Western Washington. Want more Muni and trials riders to ride with. So anyone from Washington please reveal yourselves,LOL?

where at in western washington iam in snoqualmie

Where in western Washington are you? I am in Issaquah.

I live near Eatonville, you guys are a ways from me but i go up to Seattle every now and then. I am about 30min south of Tacoma and Puyallup. have you heard of Colonade I-5 park? i love riding there, its a mt bike park underneath I-5. trials course, and skinnies all over, teeter totters and log rides. its alot of fun.

Youre lucky. All the Washington riders are in the western part.

Im 30mins from Idaho boarder. Spokane, Washington.

yea, i can see where your coming from,LOL. not near as many people over there in the Eastern parts. Dan Heaton, Sabin and a few other guys live over here so i have them to ride with. but i want to find people that live closer to me, if at all possible. i am like an hour in half from everybody,lol.

And all of SARs. =p

You could always get some friends to ride with you. May not last forever, but one of them might stay riding for a long time.

I’m in Sequim, on the Olympic Peninsula.

dang, Sequim is along ways from me, isn’t that next to Port Angelas? if so thats about 3 1/2 to 4 hours away,lol. its a good thing i have a friend learning now, its nice to have a spare uni,lol.

Yes – close to Port Angeles. I haven’t found very many riders out this way.

thats a bummer. but at least your fairly close to some really good trails i am sure being up by P.A. right there next to the mts. I raced DH mt biking in P.A and there are some awesome trails there.

The National Park trails are off limits to vehicles but there are other places to go offroad. Mt. Pleasant, just back of P.A., is probably nice. And there is the “Foothills” trail. And the new Adventure Route which is 26 miles of bikeable dirt track (beware of cougars, which will attempt to eat you if you look easy).

But I sold my MUni. I just ride the Coker around on the paved roads.

yea, all i ride is Muni and trials. Road is to boring for me, i need the more extreme hardcore trails, or just challenging trails to ride. I ride more trials than anything though.

I’m from washington :stuck_out_tongue:

If you ever get really desperate for riding buddies, just hop on the clipper and come on up to Vic. Some of the best riding I’ve ever found.

a couple problems with that,LOL. don’t have the money nor the time. I do want to go up there to the North Shore,lol. I’m not that desperate,LOL, i just want to find more guys around here, if there is anyone less than an hour from me, that would be AWESOME!!!LOL