Looking for an old youtube video...

I remember watching this video back in 2006…but I can’t find it now.

It was a funny story / instrumental video made by two or three teenage boys and it featured some boy encountering another kid who was acting as some kind of extra terrestrial. I remember this about the video:

The name of it was something like “Not your everyday encounter”
The song they used was Jeff Beck’s “Led Boots” and there was minimal sound effects used, and no dialogue.
It took place in a nice, shady (lots of trees) neighborhood and inside their house.
Only one scene featured one of the guys riding by on a unicycle.
The kid wakes up in the garage thinking it was a dream but then realizes the alien caught him or something like that…a weird ending.

If you know this video or the user, please let me know. I’ve been searching for it and I believe it’s long gone, but if you still have it in your favorites, you should still be able to see the user’s name and the video name, only it will say “this video has been removed by the user”.


Does anyone remember an old, late 80’s, PERHAPS early 90’s TV Coke commercial where two kids were making a video with their dad’s RCA videocamera and saying “Coca-cola classic, it’s great for the holidays!” (a Christmas Coke commercial)…and their parents seeing it on TV. I’ve searched for this one, too, but no sites have it.