Looking for a unicycle for my 7 year old


I am looking to buy a unicycle for my 7 year old son. My husband and I both ride (nothing fancy mind you), but we need something with a 16" wheel for our son. We both have Cycle Pro Unicycles bought at a bike store 10 years ago :slight_smile: so we have no idea what is out there, especially what is available for children. What would be a good beginner unicycle for a 7 year old? He will actually just be seven at the end of this month, he is still under 4 ft tall. He has two younger siblings, so we want it to be sturdy enough to pass down. I see a Cycle Pro on sale on the web for $69 and free shipping. That is a great price, but I want to hear some opinions on the unicycles I have never heard of but are all over the web-Torker, etc. Keep in mind this is for a CHILD, and we want to spend less than $100 including shipping. Thank you!

Well - either these

or these smaller ones

You’re best bet is probably to check out this page at Unicycle.com

Or This page for free shipping.

A 20" wheel will probably be too big, but just to let you know it’s out there. I think that if I were 7 I would like this unicycle the best by far. And it would be possible, though probably go over your price to find a smaller wheel and just replace the 20" until he’s ready for that size, then you don’t need to buy a new unicycle when he gets older.

And if you want a REALLY “interesting” unicycle, take a loot at this one. :slight_smile:

I bought the 18" Jugglebug for my Daughter when she was 9 and it is good

i would get him this bad boy


i wasen’t telling him what HE should get i was stating that i would spend the extra 40 bucks and like the fact that its not gonna break…


Look at TheUnicycleShop.com they has a 16" Torker for $80. It is a good learning Unicycle

16" CX (I thought the seat was too skinny, but it’s prob fine for a kid) or Sun 16" Flat Top

True it would last forever, but it’s double the price of their budget.