Looking for a uni mount that bolts to the outside of a car door

I just bought a Ford Transit that I’ll be living out of full time. I want to take my Sun 20" unicycle with me, but the awkward shape of it would take up too much space inside the van. I don’t have a hitch and wouldn’t want a hitch carrier anyways since I’ll have to access the back doors daily. I’m looking for some kind of hook or mount that I can bolt to my back door and attach my uni to. Does such a thing exist? If not, does anyone have a method to Jerry rig such a thing? Any help is appreciated :slight_smile:


You can buy off the shelf rear door universal spare tire mounts that you may be able to adapt to hold a uni. Do a google search for “rear door universal spare tire mount” and maybe include your vehicle year/model.


That’s a good idea. I was trying to think of what kind of brackets you can put on a vehicle. I made a custom rack out of odds and ends for our camper (shelf brackets, PVC pipe (cut in half) and some wood - then add elastic and velcro straps and zip ties
but I had a ladder to build it onto.

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Great idea thank you!

I like that setup, but unfortunately I won’t have a ladder