Looking for a Tyre

Looking for a tyre that is sort of size of a trials tire but 20" and also quite bald :stuck_out_tongue: I havent found one yet but im still looking.


pink gusset tyre is 2.1" x 20", primo the wall i think is 2.1" x 20"…there are heaps around

onza sticky fingers is 2.5" x 20" (not 19") but isnt bald

You could always shave the sticky fingers. I think Try-all makes a 20" trials tire, you could shave that one aswell.

the “oddesy flat” tire is 20x2.0

I’ve been using the Odyssey Dirt Path tire lately. It’s a 2.2 and has pretty thick sidewalls. It’s been holding up well and you can run a little lower pressure than some other tires I’ve tried. You can check it out on this page.


Thanks for that, i like the look of it, seems i should be able to do freestyle on it aswell :slight_smile:

i have a old woarn out 2.5" luna trials tire… u can have it for 39 CDN cents and u pay shipping.

ill take it for 39 cents!