looking for a specific tyre

im^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ,that
a.has teread on the side walls
b.has a decent amount of bounce
c.fits a 24"
d.can be used for muni

does any one here know of such a tyrethat fits all if not most of these catigorys(i no it not the right word but I had a teporery brain seize up)

I don’t think there are many tires suitable for Muni with tread (I think thats what you were asking, but your spelling was so off im not really sure) on the sidewall. The Nokian Gazzoloddi is a beast of a tire, and comes in 24".
Hope that helps.

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look at either tha gazzalodi or the other tire um what is the name of it um kenda lepard? something like that look on the UDC websites

Maxxis hookworm.

I’m glad people use this forum for what it should be used for, but please check the spelling, puctuation and capitals before you hit the ‘Submit button’.


I was going to say something along those lines Mike. If you noticed, I hinted at it in my reply but bit my (fingers?)!

Some people’s spelling and punctuation on here is absolutly crazy! To the point that sometimes I havn’t got a clue what some people are on about!

I know that my spelling and punctuation arn’t the best, but I try and make my posts as legible as possible.

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Thats all its really about. I’m sure there are loads of grammatical errors and spelling flaws in this post alone, but, I am led to believe my writing is legible.


well you guys sure Jacked this thread… but thats ok.

And Dan they re right. Check your spelling please.

An the tire. I dont kno of one that has tread on the sidewalls… Try a Gazz or a Duro. Or you could try the one im running. its an IRC KujoDH 24x3"