looking for a second ride

I presently have a Torker DX, 24" but have been kicking around the
idea of getting a more standard styled, 20" uni just for basic riding.
I’m just looking for something cheap but solid to ride around. No
trials or craziness on it other than the occasional curb.

I’ve been looking on eBay and have found what I believe to be the
perfect one in the Torker LX. It looks like a pretty sturdy ride and
is only about $110 after shipping.

My only problem is that I’m 6’5" and roughly 230lbs. Like I said, I’m
only going to be putting around town on it because the DX can get a
little heavy and cumbersome at times for street riding. I also find
that controlled turning is kind of a pain on it, with the super grippy

So, what do you think? Will I be good with the Torker LX? Or, should I
look into something else? If so, then which ones should I look into?
Like I said, something cheap but solid enough to putt around town and
take the occasional curb with.


The Torker LX is a very good unicycle for the price. Since you are already used to a 24" wheel, I would NOT buy a 20" wheel for riding around town. It would not take long before you get tired of how slow it is. I think you would be unhappy with the smaller wheel. Consider going bigger, at least 26 inches.