looking for a ride to CMW from northern CA

Wow, CMW snuck up on me this year! I have been without a computer for the last few months. And yesterday I check here and I find out that Muni weekend is next week. I would love to go to CMW so if anyone has information on a ride I could get up there, it would be much aprecaited.
give me a call please at 408712 7968
or send me a PM I will try to check back tommorow.

And I am looking for a ride to CMW from Southern CA… so let me know if anyone can give me a ride!

hey Spencer, I might be able to give you a ride. I’ll have to check, but maybe.

sorry for the inconvience everyone, but I have to bump.
I hope you understand.
thank you
-Ben unruh

yah i need a ride too tennessee anyone.